Title: Success and Solutions Consultant

Salary Range: $65k-$80k

The Opportunity

At DeSales Media, our mission is to support the apostolic mission of the Church. Here on the Software & Services team, we provide high end technology solutions to Catholic parishes and schools. We are building a comprehensive communications hub that empowers the institutional church to help transform the lives of the faithful in Christ. Specifically, we offer website content management, email marketing automation, people/database management, events management, online giving management, live streaming, VOIP telephony, and digital ministry as a service, all designed to help our customers reach and engage the faithful thoughtfully and effectively.

Most of our work is done remotely via Zooms, calls and emails with parishes and schools. This means we only learn the tip of the iceberg about what is really happening with their communications and digital ministries. The parishes and schools aren’t getting all the help they deserve because they don’t know what they don’t know, and we won’t know until we’re there, accompanying them in person. We need you to be our “boots on the ground,” visiting parishes and schools in Brooklyn and Queens most days of the year.

This means you are at once a traveling success specialist as well as a technical solutions consultant. As success manager, your focus is on digital ministry. By being present in person, you will meet and get to know the individuals responsible for digital ministry at the parish or school. You will learn their systems and processes. You will roll up your sleeves and jump in on their current projects. You will take time to understand what is working and what is not working. Once you know what is wrong, you will work with the rest of our team to help the parish or school solve that problem. It may be able to be solved on the spot. It may be addressable by our tech solutions or ongoing services. Or it may be something we advise them on. It’s about them and making sure they get what they really need. Our aim is to help every parish and school in the diocese, whether or not they are an existing customer, so that the Church in our not-so-little, fully urban diocese can flourish.

This is not a simple responsibility, but it should be a rewarding one. This is an autonomous role that will require a go-getter mentality and drive. Most of all, this role will require a healthy dose of guidance from the Holy Spirit. As part of the Software & Services team, this role will be based in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, and reports to the Director of Product & Innovation.

Who You Are

You are someone who truly believes that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. You desire to see the Church flourish, and you know that the right tech solutions can be the next step toward helping Catholics receive good formation and grow as disciples. You yourself are spiritually well-formed, and you understand the ecosystem of diocesan life in the Catholic Church. You are someone who enjoys working with people, and managing information, and you have deep experience in both. You navigate different software the same way you navigate tricky customer interactions: gracefully and effectively. You can explain technical matters to laypeople. You are a creative problem solver. You naturally ask yourself: Is there a better way to do this? You are one of those people who can keep many projects and customers in the balance at once, and you do it proactively, with style. You are confident in your abilities, and that has earned you autonomy. You legitimately want to serve your clients. You listen closely to them, you learn quickly, you try new things, and you get it all done with a smile on your face. In the words of St. Francis de Sales, you are someone who is committed to “Be who you are and be that well.”

Your Responsibilities

  • Visit a few parishes or schools in Brooklyn and Queens every week, through a drumbeat of regular outreach
  • Listen and learn the who, what, when, where, why and how of their digital ministries, their communications processes, and their evangelization and discipleship programs
  • Build genuine rapport and trust with staff, volunteers, and clergy
  • Train staff, volunteers, and clergy on software systems and digital processes to improve their internal workflows and their communications and ministry effectiveness
  • Conduct technical discovery sessions to capture needs and circumstances
  • Explain technical aspects and provide advisement to customers and prospects
  • Prepare and present proposals explaining the problem, solution, and how we can help
  • Deliver on OKRs to ensure customers are served measurably and effectively
  • Prepare and manage regular status reports across products and customers
  • Professionally manage delicate situations with sometimes-technology-averse clients
  • Operationalize our own processes, ensuring everything runs effectively and efficiently
  • Create and maintain project and process documentation and notes for continuous improvement
  • Conduct database administration, tracking tickets and deals in HubSpot CRM
  • Conduct yourself with poise, professionalism, and integrity


  • Ideally, 3+ years in digital church ministry
  • Otherwise, 3+ years providing customer support or success management OR 3+ years teaching experience OR 3+ years onsite IT technician experience
  • Excellence in creative problem solving
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with a variety of internal functions and departments
  • Excellent interpersonal, writing, research, presentation and analytical skills
  • Exceptional organizational, prioritization, and project management skills
  • Capacity and willingness to rapidly adapt, thrive, and multi-task in a dynamic workplace
  • Demonstrated resourcefulness, strong work ethic, and self-motivation
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and clients simultaneously without supervision
  • A strong desire to work autonomously, yet with proven collaboration skills
  • High proficiency with business, productivity, CRM, and project management software
  • Legitimate attention to detail
  • The ability to travel on a daily basis to various locations across New York City
  • The ability to use a computer regularly and for long intervals
  • A positive, patient, compassionate, optimistic, and solution-oriented attitude
  • Readiness to learn and apply new skills and technologies quickly
  • Eagerness to serve in the mission of promoting our Catholic faith
  • Ideally proficient in Spanish
  • Last, but not least, a delightful personality

Who We Are

DeSales Media is a non-profit Catholic ministry based in Brooklyn. Our mission is to use all the content, media, technology, and other capabilities of DeSales to support the Apostolic Mission of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Brooklyn and beyond. With the charge of the Great Commission, DeSales aims to open the channels of authentic and effective dialogue within and between the Christian community.

We recognize our time and place in history as one in which the Church is moving from Christendom to Apostolic Mission. DeSales meets the faithful in formation, discipleship, and community. We spread the Word through revelation, accompaniment, and witness.

The mission community that comprises DeSales is a workforce of integrated people who take their vocations seriously. Each of us has a personal vocation that is our calling from God to help build the Kingdom of God. That requires dedication to our faith, and professional capability at every level of our craft.

We serve the faithful in various capacities. DeSales serves directly through television, digital and print media. We serve the institutional Church as an agency, providing educational technology and training resources; digital, creative and marketing agency services; press and media relations; government services; video production; and more. And, we serve parishes, schools, and other organizations in the Church with modern digital tools with which they can meaningfully engage the faithful at every touchpoint.

We’ve created a world-class team to tackle these important Catholic ministries, and we’re looking for more top talent to work with us. Come help us grow our community through technology products and services rendered to disciples and Catholic institutions in Brooklyn and beyond.