DeSales is looking for Team Members for our Technical Operations group. This group cross-trains heavily to provide the opportunity to develop skills in a number of media production tech ops positions. We look for new members to have experience in at least one of the following job types. You will be trained in the other positions, matching your responsibility to your aptitude and skill level. Your ability will determine how far you go.

Technical Director (TD)

  • Preparation of all technical elements to be utilized during the production (Graphic Keys, DVE’s, Motion Graphics, Video Playback)
  • Manages and Confirms the Technical Operational Checks for each position in the Control Room prior to a production (Video, Camera, Comms, Audio, Lighting, Camera Operators, etc.)
  • Operates the Production Switcher at the direction of the Director during the production.
  • Acts as a technical advisor / resource to the Producer and Director

Video Operator

  • Operates VTR / Server records and playback at the direction of the Director

Camera Shader

  • Initial setup of the camera settings (R/G/B Gain / Offset, Iris, Pedestal, Knee, etc.) prior to the production.
  • Continual adjustment of camera settings during the production as necessary to maintain visual continuity, upon their own initiative or at the directions of the Director and / or Technical Director.

Audio Operator (A1)

  • Perform full testing of all audio sources, including microphones, prior to all productions.
  • Operate the Audio Mixer and Outboard Processors for optimal sound quality. May include setting Parametric EQ, Compressor / Limiters, Gating, Reverb and other Audio Effects as needed.
  • Continually adjust audio levels for all audio sources to maintain the creative intent of the Director, upon their own initiative or at the direction of the Director and / or Technical Director.

Audio Assist (A2)

  • Assist the A1 as needed and directed.
  • Ensure all batteries in microphones, wireless microphones / transmitters / receivers and other audio equipment are fresh.
  • Assist with testing of all audio sources and destinations.
  • Correctly attach the microphones to talent as needed.

Graphics Operator (Grfx Op)

  • Verify that all graphic elements have been delivered by Production
  • Confirm technical correctness of all graphics
  • In conjunction with the line producer, confirm the content correctness of all graphics.
  • At the direction of the Director / TD, recall graphics elements and transitions during the production.